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    ‘MIZUNO HOLD TECHNOLOGY" creates an excellent holding property as the racquet head is not pushed back by the shuttle. 8% improvements are archived in CALIBER series racquets.
    Super Slim Box Frame reinforced with HG Resin enhances racquet head speed and provides more powerful shots.
    MODEL NO: 73JTB72062
    COLOR: Navy/Red
    LENGTH: 675mm
    WEIGHT: 4U6
    STRING TENSION: 23 - 27 lbs
    - High Elastic Graphite + Graphite (Solid Carbon Concept)
    - RF Carbon
    - HG Resin
    *this racket come with no string*
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      MODEL NO : 73JTB72062
      COLOR : Navy/Red
      LENGTH : 675mm
      WEIGHT : 4U6
      STRING TENSION : 23 - 27 lbs
      - High Elastic Graphite + Graphite (Solid Carbon Concept)
      - RF Carbon
      - HG Resin
      - Caliber Frame
      Frame size & shape that is easy to cope with drive & receive warfare in low altitude intertwining attacks.
      - I-Navi+ (Impact Navigation)
      Improve shot feeling by relaxing shock at hitting ball. Enable surface stability and energy loss 
      - Cross Flexible Frame
      Unique to Mizuno pursuing every stiffness distribution of frame design.
      - Thumb Assist Cap+
      Sharp shape so that the hitting part of the tip point cap increases the fit more.
      - V Rapier Shaft
      Improved operability and swing by 6.4 mm tapered shaft (tapered shaft).
      - More Fit Grip
      A material with wet feeling and elongation, a leather shape dented in the center realizes high grip power.


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