Kason TSF190
  • Kason TSF190

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    Precision Series Description: 
    Suitable for the emphasis on landing, good at possession of the user. The use of high coefficient carbon fiber racket to maintain a stable state, in the batting moment racket deformation can quickly recover. Stable performance to better adapt to the rapid changes in the field, either offensive or defensive can control the ball's placement in the designated area, so that tactics to play well to the ever-changing.
    • Details

      model: TSF190
      Item: FYPE014-1
      Series: Precision Series Color: Gold + Brown Material: Carbon Fiber Handle Size: NG5
      Weight: 3U
      Balance point: 285-290mm
      Length: 675
      Grip length: 200
      Flexible tube: Soft - Threading pounds:
      Vertical bar: 24-26 lbs; horizontal bar: 26-28 lbs


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