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Aramid Reinforced 
Lightweight yet stronger than steel, Aramid is an extremely versatile material. Reinforcing Aramid fibers into the bridge of the frame creates a lighter, stronger and more resilient structure that is able to withstand high pressure stroke play.
- PowerBridge Plus
Strategically positioned on the outer portion of the bridge to strengthen the frame as an anti-torsion support. This feature has enabled the overall weight of the frame to be reduced without compromising the structural strength of the key stress points in the frame.
- Tapered Shaft
A revolutionary shaft construction, it is tapered down from 7.5mm at the top cap to 6.5mm at the T-Joint, allowing great flex on impact, minimizing shock to the wrist and has twice the force of restoration than the average shaft, resulting in superior resiliency, generating higher repulsion power and shuttlecock return speed.
- Nano Reinforced
The use of Nano resin with carbon fibre bonds it together to a very high level and almost near perfection. It upgrades the racquet’s manufacturing process, giving it a greater hitting intensity with the strength increased by more than 20%.
  • Details

    MODEL NO: MZ-BF2038
    COLOR: Apricot Orange/ Iron Gray/ Black
    LENGTH: 675mm
    WEIGHT: 4U (80g)
    FLEX: Flexible
    BALANCE: 293mm
    GRIP SIZE: G4/G5
    MAX TENSION: 28lbs


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